More Info Pages Added

Taking a bit of time off work has finally given me some time to start working on some more of the articles/information pieces I want to add to the website.

I’ve just added an info piece, with a photo gallery, about Anthony Kiedis modelling Shawn Clothing – the clothing designed by his then girlfriend Yohanna Logan (back in 2003).

Yesterday, I did the same with a piece about Sat Hari- the woman who administers Anthony’s ozone treatment.

And before that, a bit of a weird topic but in reply to some requests I’ve had for it, I put together some information on the accidents and illnesses Anthony is known to have had (I was using info I had to hand rather than checking all of my books and magazines but I presume it covers the main things).

Update: Anthony & Sea Shepherd including a photo gallery of him & Flea receiving the first Sea Shepherd “Rock the Boat” Award.

If anyone has an extra info or wants to make corrections please say or if there’s a topic you’d like to be covered, please shout and I’ll see what I can do!

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New Photo: Anthony Kiedis with Scott Lipps


Source: Scott Lipps Instragram

From comments made on the various sharings of this photo between the people pictured, it seems to be something to be released (comment that are exciting things are to come with the hashtag #humanitymag)

Edit: Am digging around now and have found this too:


Source: themensgroomer



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Full Article on Past Girlfriends…

I have finally completed an article for the website that I’ve been working on and off on for about five years. It’s taken so many hours of reading books, research, sorting out the information, typing out quotes and then uploading it all… Word is saying I’ve worked on the text document for over 200 hours (the document was usually open while I was uploading the info to the site but there’s all of the reading time too)! I’ll check the links later as I need a break (I’m seeing what I think is there rather than what necessarily is)! But it’s just about done :)

So… it’s an article of all of Anthony’s (known) main relationships in as much of a correct order that I can get them in. All entries with photos where possible and everything is all fully backed up with referenced quotes to various sources or the relevant pages in Anthony’s biography, Scar Tissue.  

You can see it here: Every woman has a piece of Aphrodite


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Details: Changing Fashion Video


I’ve just tackled another job off the ‘to do’ list. I’ve gone through the 1993 Details: Changing Fashions video featuring AK with Debbie Harry and Sofia Coppola (who AK dated) and taken screencaps which I’ve added to a written summary of the piece.


Think it’s actually an advert for CK underpants the amount of times you see AK stripping to his in the video!! If you haven’t seen the video and want something to do during a coffee break today, it’s well worth watching!


 Video link with pics and summary HERE

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Back on Track?

I’m hoping that all of the main news stories from over the summer have now been posted and I’ve done a round up of the videos, set list, etc. from Sunday’s RHCP concert in San Diego. I’m further hoping that life stops chucking things at me for a while and I can now update as soon as I see new news items!

A back issue magazine arrived yesterday and it’s now scanned and online with a transcript: Rolling Stone December 2000. Anthony Kiedis is featured in ‘the best people of the year’ section of Rolling Stone


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RHCP San Diego Concert 2015


Date: Sunday 27th September 2015

Venue: Belly Up Tavern, San Diego

san-diego-venue-chad-smithSource: Chad Smith Facebook

The Red Hot Chili Peppers played a one-off gig on Sunday at the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego. It was a fundraiser for youth performing arts education groups including Heartbeat Music Academy, San Diego Young Artists Music Academy and the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. Unfortunately the $1000 ticket price put it beyond the reach of most RHCP fans but it was in a good cause! And those lucky enough to be able to go got to see the Chilis play in a small venue and also see them digging deep into their back catalog to pull some old songs out and give them an airing for the first time in years!

Anthony Writing the Set List:


Set List:


(Source: I’m pretty sure Julia RHCP posted this originally but it’s been copied so many times I’m not sure. Hopefully it’s OK to post it- please contact me if it isn’t.)

Can’t Stop
Factory of Faith
Nobody Weird Like Me
Police Helicopter
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Under the Bridge
Me & My Friends
Snow ((Hey Oh))
By the Way
Mommy, Where’s Daddy?


Give It Away Video from Flea’s Instagram page:

Last night first time playing live again after da shattered elbow. Yeeeah

A video posted by @sllollaryee on



Many thanks to Bruno Klinghoffer for uploading these!


And thanks to RHCPtvArgentina too! They have loads of clips of the other songs played on their YouTube channel

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