Lakers Game


I won’t post paparazzi photos of AK with EB that are taken during their private life but this one was taken front row at a public event (and is all over the news sites anyway e.g. The Daily Mail).

EDIT: More photos



(Thanks Shalhevet)



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Mask Purchase



There’s an article on The Hollywood Reporter talking about Flea’s friendship with sculptor Thomas Houseago. Anthony Kiedis gets a name-check in the article because apparently he bought a piece by the artist at the recent benefit auction for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music:

To support his friend’s school, Houseago donated a mask sculpture for a benefit auction in November, which was bought by the musician’s bandmate Anthony Kiedis.

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Auction for RHCP Signed Lakers Jersey

For anyone interested (Christmas is coming! It would make a lovely present for someone!), a Lakers’ jersey signed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is up for auction to help raise money for WhyHunger. WhyHunger is a non-profit organisation working to end poverty and hunger.



This item is closing on  December 10th at 12:10pm and can be bid on now at:

Happy Bidding!!!

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Anthony & Helena Thanksgiving

Another day and another raft of stories across the news sites e.g. The Daily Mail (UK)  featuring Anthony Kiedis & Helena Vestergaard. Most of the stories are just commenting on the pair having coffee together on Thursday morning.

Photo Source

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Another Article on the Venice Outing


 UPDATED: More photos are available HERE

I’ve just seen another article about Anthony Kiedis and Helena Vestergaard walking around Venice, California and it has this additional photo.

The article just states they are dating and  that it would have been just a moment of affection if Anthony had though twice “before “feeling” the breasts of the Australian.” It goes on to say that, ” The couple still had fun enough together, danced and exchanged kisses in a store.” Source


Thanks to Angra and Nadya for helping source links.

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Anthony & Helena in Venice, CA

UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, is running an article in its online section about Helena and Anthony with some photos of the couple taken in Venice, CA. It’s mostly a comment on what they are both wearing and the age difference between the pair. Oh, that bar story about AK treating fans to a drink has made it here too….



There is a 32 year age gap between them, but that’s only a number for Anthony Keidis and girlfriend Helena Vestergaard.

Nearly two years into the relationship, the 52-year-old Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman was seen getting hands-on with the 20-year-old Australian model on the streets of Venice on Tuesday.

Anthony was seen cheekily grabbing Helena’s chest as he wrapped his arms around her, while clad in a baseball cap, blue jeans, and black pants with sneakers.

His girlfriend covered her slight frame in an oversized black sweatshirt and mini-skirt with white Converse shoes, preparing to indulge in a cigarette.

It is easy to note that Anthony’s band put out their first album before Helena was born, but the couple are clearly serious about each other.

During their afternoon together Helena appeared to be teasing the star as he showed her some boxing moves – and Anthony’s carefree nature when he is with the brunette beauty is not a rare thing to see.

Over the weekend, the musician visited the Hudson Hotel during his stay in New York to perform with The Roots on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

When fans noticed the rock star, he invited them over to drink with him at Half & Half, a 1980s-inspired arcade and dance hall, according to Page Six.

‘It started with one fan going up to him and asking for an autograph. He was very friendly and started inviting fans who approached to take a seat and to have a drink,’ an eyewitness said.


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AK News Round Up…

David Mushegain has posted a new photo of him and Anthony goofing around with some cookies:

And the story of Anthony Kiedis entertaining fans in a NYC bar is continuing to do the rounds after the original story (commented on the post below) is being picked up by other news sources. Still no confirming photos or anything (and Anthony’s mother commented on Facebook that is was very unlikely) but here’s another version of it:


Thanks to Red Hot Chili Family 

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Thanksgiving with Anthony Kiedis on SiriusXM Lithium

SiriuxXM Lithium are holding a RHCP fest for the Thanksgiving Weekend featuring Anthony Kiedis and music by the Red Hot Chili Peppers as part of the promotion for ‘Fandemonium’:


 Anthony Kiedis is coming home for the holidays! Join the RHCP frontman all Thanksgiving Weekend long for Lithium’s Red Hot Chili PeppersFandemonium Feast! He’s talking about the new book, Fandemonium. Plus, serving up extra helpings of RHCP music. #RHCPFeast


SOURCE                Listen Online Info


Many thanks to Shalhevet for the link!

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Free Drinks?

According to this news item, Anthony Kiedis walked into the bar of a hotel alone on Saturday night and started invited fans over for drinks after a fan approached him for an autograph…



Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis walked into the Hudson Hotel solo Saturday night, then invited random fans to sit with him.

Kiedis went into Half & Half, an ’80s-themed arcade and dance hall, when “fans approached his table,” a witness said. “It started with one fan going up to him and asking for an autograph. He was very friendly and started inviting fans who approached to take a seat and to have a drink.”

Perhaps Kiedis was feeling ’80s-nostalgic — the Chili Peppers put out their first album in 1984.


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Give Peace – General Pants Co


As we posted a few days ago, Anthony Kiedis (or Kedis according to one of the posters!), had his photo taken for a charity campaign with his girlfriend, Helena Vestergaard, for General Pants Co’s #givepeace charity collection. General Pants Co. have teamed with some other brands to produce the clothes and all proceeds will be given to Save The Children Australia and The Salvation Army Oasis Youth. The photos and video are now out.


Helena and Anthony are wearing the t-shirt by KSUBI. Collection sales link HERE

Many thanks to Conocido and Angra for the details!


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