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I really appreciate any information and scans that are sent to me for the website and everything I’m sent will find it’s way on here.

I know I’ve really fallen behind; real life has been a total pain over the last two years and the demands from all that’s happened have had to take precedence over the websites. I really hope things are a lot more sorted now and I’m on holiday from work so I have a little more time right now. I’m currently trying to work my way through the backlog that’s built up and all I can do is really apologize and say that I am grateful for all the contributions I’ve had. All of the back issues I’ve collected more recently are now scanned and online and I’m currently working my way through the three pages of site related emails I have- I will reply to everyone and I will get the scans I’ve been sent uploaded as soon as I can.

I only post magazines directly related to Anthony Kiedis on this website (e.g. he’s on the cover or it’s a solo interview with just him)- all of my Red Hot Chili Peppers scans go on The Chili Source. There are now over 400 magazine articles online between my two websites. If you are interested, the full list is here:

The Chili Source RHCP Articles & Scans Index

There is a chronological index, an alphabetical index and a list of all none English language articles, etc.

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Rolling Stone Argentina Lollapalooza Special Edition March 2014

I’ve just been very kindly sent the scans for this magazine. Anthony is on the cover:


There is a four-page article with double page photo on the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a whole but the  magazine also contains a re-run of the iconic images of Anthony Kiedis featured in the 1994 June edition of Rolling Stone but this time without any text over them!  Gallery screenshot below; full scans HERE


Thanks again to Manu for sharing!

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Anthony Kiedis Interview Classic Rock 200 August 2014

I’ve just been to do my parents’ shopping and glanced through the music magazines while in the supermarket as I usually do and today, I found this! Anthony isn’t named on the cover so was a nice surprise to find this lurking on the inside. This edition of Classic Rock is a special edition to commemorate the 200th publication and is featuring lots of interviews; the Kiedis one is in the ‘Family’ section. I’m not sure if it is a repeat of an earlier interview they’ve done with him ( I haven’t seen it  before and it doesn’t state it’s a re-run of something printed earlier) so I’m assuming it is new but I stand to be corrected on that.



My first thought every day now is: go check on my son and make sure he’s happy. It’s a great relief. A little boy telling you he loves you or holding his body next to yours, those really are the highs that have no comedown.

Full transcript can be found in the articles section: Anthony Kiedis Classic Rock 200

Classic Rock can be purchased here


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Anthony Kiedis at Isle of Wight Festival 14th June

I’m currently on holiday from work and trying to play a massive catch up on life. I can’t believe I haven’t posted these before (have a write up of the concert nearly done which I hope to get online tomorrow) but I’ve just added a gallery of the photos I took of Anthony Kiedis at the IOW Festival.

It was really hard taking them as I was a couple of rows back (I did start out on the second row from the front but got pushed out and decided I wanted to enjoy the concert rather than be crushed so I moved a little bit back and to the side) so loads of my photos ended up with hands across them but I managed to get some shots I’m really happy with so I hope you enjoy them too.





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UFC on Fox: Lawler vs. Brown

anthony-kiedis-UFC-Fox-Lawler-BrownAnthony Kiedis was present at the UFC Lawler vs Brown contest held in San Jose, California on 26th July.
At the end of the fight he was he was invited by UFC President Dana White to meet another fighter; you can see the video here on a Facebook post.



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RHCP in latest ‘Funky’ Classic Rock (UK) Magazine

The latest edition of UK magazine, ‘Classic Rock’ features a couple of articles mentioning the Red Hot Chili Peppers as part of a section on funk music. One article seems to be based on a book, ‘George Clinton and the Cosmic Odyssey of the P-Funk Empire‘ by Kris Needs, as it lists details of the book at the end saying the book will be published in June (the book is listed as not released on several of the main online book sellers such as Amazon; price given on Amazon UK is £19.95) and there is an article entirely about the Chili Peppers. There is also a Classic Rock count down of the top 25 funkiest songs and RHCP’s ‘Give it Away’ comes in at number two.

More information and scans HERE


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‘Bring Back Our Girls’

Anthony Kiedis has added his support to the campaign to place pressure on world authorities to act on the case of the 276 Nigerian girls kidnapped from their school by the Islamist militant group ‘Boko Haram’  on 14th April.

bring-back-our-girls-anthony-kiedisPhoto posted by David Mushegain

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Anthony and Helena in new Daily Mail Article

Anthony Kiedis and Helena  Vestergaard jogging near his home in Malibu

A news story is featuring in the online edition of UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, about Anthony out jogging near his home in Malibu yesterday. He was with his girlfriend Helena Vestergaard.

Read the full story HERE

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Photos of Anthony Kiedis Surfing in the Philippines

I’ve just started the 2014 Anthony Kiedis Photo Gallery and added some new pictures of him out and about in the Philippines.

Many thanks to Shalhevet for linking me to these photos.

The Philippines; February 2014
The Philippines; February 2014
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New Magazine Scans added

A Japanese magazine from around 1994:

A photo I’ve not seen before at least from another Japanese (unknown) magazine:

2013′s Russian Vogue featuring Anthony Kiedis and Ruby Aldridge:

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