Long Shot…

This is a really wild shot. I don’t suppose anyone recorded GIA on Sunday 11th December (second night) in Birmingham and especially the very end of the concert when Josh was saying goodbye? Or took photos? if you did, please could you let me know. Josh gave my friend his beanie hat and she’d love some record of it. We’ve checked all of the YouTube videos and can’t find anything – I always have my camera turned off by that point so I can enjoy the final song and it happened so quickly and I didn’t know it was her until the end of the concert and I never thought to record it.

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Happy New Year!


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Anthony Kiedis… 2017!

It seems to be all systems go for the US leg of the RHCP tour that is kicking off in a few days. Posts from Rat Sounds show equipment and Anthony’s mum has made this post:

“Thank you to the Chili Pepper fans who have inquired about Anthony. Since his dad is no longer on FB, just wanted to let you know that Anthony is feeling much better and will return to touring next week. Thank you for your concern, and please feel free to share this message with your friends. I’m no longer accepting friend requests. Happy New Year!”

(Please respect her wishes and don’t hassle her or other family members- it’s really nice of her to give us an update as she really wants to be private and not get involved in the RHCP online community in the way Anthony’s father did).

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Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating! Hope you all have a weekend filled with peace and blessings and the same to everyone not celebrating.

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Cancellation of RHCP shows in Dublin

Rumours were circulating earlier on this morning but several Irish news sites are now running the story so it seems genuine (there is currently nothing on the official website but that updated a lot later than local news following the Montpellier cancellation) e.g. Entertainment.Ie  and the Irish Mirror. A statement from the band is also being reported:

 “We are so sorry that we cannot come to Dublin as planned for the next few days. Anthony has been fighting off the flu all week and after the show last night it was clear that he has to stop touring and recover, hence the decision to push back the shows to next year.”

 I know there are a lot of disappointed fans today and several people I know have already travelled to Dublin for the shows from the UK so massive hugs to everyone affected and especially to Anthony along with best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Update: the official website is now running the details along with the new dates for the postponed shows:

We are so sorry that we cannot come to Dublin as planned for the next few days. Anthony has been fighting off the flu all week and after the show last night it was clear that he has to stop touring and recover, hence the decision to push back the shows to next year.

Both shows have been rescheduled to September 20th and 21st 2017 with tickets valid for the new dates as below.

Tickets for Tuesday, December 20 will be valid for Wednesday, September 20.

Tickets for Wednesday, December 21 will be valid for Thursday, September 21.

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Site Update

I’ve had a lot of help running this site over the years and I currently have a small group of people who help out with research and information. Some of them were reluctant to end what they’ve been doing and I don’t really want the site to end after all of the work and effort that’s gone into it and I know that many people who visit would like it to remain too so… We’ve been working things out and someone currently involved would like to run the site so it can continue.
Over the Christmas holidays I will tidy things up and news will be posted (although we expect it to go quiet after the end of the UK leg of the tour on Sunday) with the swap-over fully kicking in to coincide with the kick off of the U.S. tour. Sorry I am not going to give out any details of who will be running the site as we think keeping things anonymous is the way forward given what’s been happening this year.

Thank you for all of the messages and support. They have meant so much. I just can’t personally be involved anymore right now. I’ve taken a break and only posted as I said I would for the Birmingham concerts as I was going to them and immediately the issues flared up again. Real life is enough to deal with without anything else and this seems the best option for me at the moment.

Rebecca <3

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Photos of Anthony Kiedis from Birmingham 2016

You can see the full photo galleries of the whole band HERE

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Anthony Kiedis in My Home!

Hahaha Not quite! In the city of my birth!!!

It’s a crazy weekend for some reason!!! I will write a proper review and add a photo gallery but I’m racing around doing real life stuff so I can go and do this again tonight! I’ve quickly added some photos to one of my Facebook pages for now. You can see them HERE




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Anthony Kiedis in the Current Clash Magazine

I’ve just uploaded the scans from this:


Clash Magazine (UK) Winter 2016 Number 102 A (there are several different covers featuring other people)

You can order a copy HERE and they are £6.99 plus postage (I’m not sure if they post outside of the UK as I didn’t think to check when I ordered my copy). The interview doesn’t really contain anything new but the photos are original and mostly full page so it’s worth getting!

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All Good Things…

..Must come to an end as the saying goes. I’m not going to be updating this website with news from 2017 (not that I really am now). There’s a post on The Chili Source explaining it as I can’t face doing it again if anyone is interested but in short I feel pushed out from the RHCP online community and I don’t want to be subjected to the unpleasantness that’s been going on with some of the real fans and watching RHCP ants on a stage at Reading made me wonder what on earth I am doing…  It’s been fun but my heart is no longer in it in the same way and I really don’t want the unpleasantness of receiving some of the messages/comments I have from the band’s accepted fans. I’d rather be able to concentrate on all of the good things and the amazing friends I’ve met through this than be stressed by the unpleasantness that’s been directed my way this year.

I have tickets to a couple of concerts here in England in December and I might post something about those concerts then.  The hosting is paid for until next October (and I’ll probably renew anyway as there is so much work anf effort involved in both of my websites) and leave it as an information site for anyone interested.

Thanks everyone for your support! Peace <3

Rebecca/ Squitherwitch

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