Anthony Kiedis Gershwin Performance: Full Show



A full HD version of Anthony Kiedis performing with Josh Klinghoffer at the Gershwin Awards in LA last month has just shown up in my search feeds. Enjoy!


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Anthony Jogging in Malibu

Yahoo Celebrity Italia is running a couple of new photos of Anthony Kiedis out jogging in Malibu.

jogging-malibu-anthony-kiedis-1 jogging-malibu-anthony-kiedis-2


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Anthony Kiedis and Son Feature in Marc Jacobs Clothing Campaign

everly-bear-anthony-kiedis-marc-jacobs-clothingAnthony Kiedis  and his son, Everly Bear, are fronting the new Marc Jacobs campaign for Autumn/Winter 15. The photo was taken by David Sims. Anthony & Everly Bear join Willow Smith and Cher who also feature in the campaign.


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Anthony Kiedis: Photo in June Rolling Stone

There’s a photo of Anthony Kiedis at Legoland California in the June edition of Rolling Stone magazine. Full scans HERE 



Thanks again to Rich for this

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Loving Life in Malibu

Isopix have some new photos of Anthony taken on 29th May 2015 (they can only be seen as thumbnails without payment):


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Anthony Kiedis Mentioned in Michael Beinhorn Interview

Ultimate Guitar are running a lengthy interview with Michael Beinhorn about his career as a music producer and obviously RHCP are mentioned in it and within that Anthony Kiedis. Unfortunately, it’s referring to a bad period in Anthony’s life but for the sake of completeness I’m posting about it here. These are the relevant extracts about Anthony from the interview:

Anthony Kiedis was going through a heavy heroin addiction at the time so that must have made those sessions pretty hard, right?

It was interesting because it was really what I needed more than anything at that point in time. It was a true baptism by fire. I went from being someone with very, very little experience as a record producer [into a project like this]. I remember going around to people and trying to get them to hire me. One guy said, “To hire you on a record right now, Michael, would be a crapshoot.” I was like, “What?” but in hindsight the guy was not wrong. I didn’t really know what I was doing.

What were those sessions like?

Here I am with this band that basically their record label can’t stand. On top of that, the minute I land to go to work with these guys – I can’t remember who it was who picked me up and I think actually Jack Irons picked me up at the airport – someone along the way casually mentioned, “By the way, two of the guys have got little drug problems.”

That must have freaked you out?

I was kinda like, “Oh.” I was a naive, innocent young man and I’m not sure what this means. I figured, “Well, maybe they’re smoking a little too much pot or they’re doing a little too much coke.” It turns out I’m smack dab in the middle of dealing with a semi-functional and a completely non-functional heroin addict, hahahaha.

There were two guys on heroin?

One of the guys was Hillel [Slovak] who was shooting dope. I think he did it to the extent where he was able to kind of go to work and at least show up and do stuff. But Anthony was absolutely AWOL. He wouldn’t show up for weeks at a time.


Yeah, it was bad. When he did, he would come into the studio and his face would be green. He was all pockmarked from scratching and stuff. He’d have a bag of candy with him and be there for like 20 minutes and go into the bathroom and get sick and leave.

And also:

Was Anthony Kiedis still doing heroin?

A lot of things had changed. Anthony had straightened out and there was a lot of animosity between him and Flea.


It didn’t help things at all. Yeah, it was really bad actually. They never dealt with it at all. They never went to one another and sat down and were like, “Look, dude. We’ve known each other too long for this to affect what we’re doing.” I really kind of had to keep the show going especially since the two principals, the two original guys in the band and one of whom was the singer, didn’t come to the studio ever.

Anthony and Flea wouldn’t come to the studio?

Hahaha. It was an interesting thing but it was funny because all of a sudden they were the cause célèbre at the record company. All of a sudden the president of the record company is going down to visit us at Ocean Way Studios and it’s like, “Oh, sh-t. He only does this for the really big artists. I guess he’s got a lot riding on these guys all of a sudden.” Through EMI Manhattan and they were expecting great things from them.

Full interview can be seen HERE


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Back Issue from 2007

I’ve just scanned and uploaded a magazine from 2007 which features Anthony Kiedis on the cover. The magazine is from Poland and has a four page feature (on Blood Sugar Sex Magik?) and a review of the Chorzow concert.



Scans HERE

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Going Blonde?



The Daily Mail is running an article showing Anthony Kiedis with a new woman after the pair were seen embracing following a meal at Joan’s On Third in West Hollywood.



Full story here


Thanks to Pamela for the heads up on the article!

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Anthony Kiedis Spring Sing Program 2015

The program from the UCLA Spring Sing 2015 with the page for Anthony Kiedis who was  the 2015 Gershwin Award recipient at the event:

program-spring-sing-ucla-2015-anthony-kiedis-cover program-spring-sing-ucla-2015-anthony-kiedis


2015 Gershwin Award Recipient



Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Anthony Kiedis went from a short-spanned childhood acting career to becoming one of the most influential artists in the alternative rock boom of the early ‘90s. After he moved to L.A. at age 12 to live with his father, he graduated with honors from Fairfax High School and attended UCLA from 1980-81. While at Fairfax, he met original band member and lifelong friend Flea, a relationship that eventually led to the formation of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of the best-selling bands of all time with over 80 million records sold worldwide. Best known as the frontman of the Chili Peppers, lead singer and lyricist Kiedis has led the group through what is considered one of the most legendary paths of evolution in modern music.

Since their debut album in 1984, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the group’s music has ranged from thrashy punk funk to psychedelic punk rock to “ruminative California pop” with more lyrical rap influence in the early years. Lyric themes include friendship, loss, teen angst, social and political issues, loneliness, romance, dealing with relationship and substance abuse, and overcoming struggle. Kiedis’ songwriting has changed throughout the years, weaving through these themes and writing from a place of personal growth. Five of the band’s albums have been certified multiplatinum in the United States; they have received a total of six Grammy awards, among other countless awards including the Video Vanguard Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2000 at the MTV Music Video Awards. Their 2006 album Stadium Arcadium was their fist Number One album, topping the charts upon its release.

Anthony Kiedis holds a number of other achievements, such as the 2004 publication of his autobiography, Scar Tissue. The New York Times best-selling book takes a deep look at the ins and outs of Kiedis’ childhood, adolescence, and the first two decades of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In recent years, in addition to almost non-stop touring, the band has played at hit music festivals around the country (?)  in front of hundreds of thousands of fans. In 2012, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kiedis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently recording their eleventh studio album which is scheduled to be released later this year.

Many thanks to my friend Angra for the photos!

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Another UCLA Spring Sings/Gershwin Awards Update


The UCLA Spring Sing 2015 YouTube Channel has just posted several videos including the presentation and speech by Anthony Kiedis when he received the George and Ira Gershwin Award. Enjoy!

The Award Presentation:


By the Way:

If You Want Me to Stay:

Many thanks to my dear friend for helping me with these links!

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