Happy Birthday AK and Welcome Everyone!

Happy Birthday to the greatest front man EVER, Mr. Anthony Kiedis!!!

This is our birthday present to him (not just me but Rita and I’m sure Kathie, Sally & Alex who’ve all contributed to this website too)! It’s taken about nine months to get it to this point and I know it isn’t totally finished but I’ve been aiming at going live with it today as it seemed the most appropriate day to do so, and I just ran out of time to finish it all properly!

Thanks to everyone who’s visited today; please come back regularly to check what’s new. We’ll update this section with any Anthony Kiedis news as soon as we get it, I have at least 50 more magazines to scan and add to the scan section and more articles will be written- hopefully one on past girlfriends will be completed and added today. We also plan to add a chat room and a newsletter will be added (I know some people have asked about that already… sorry just not had time so far).

Lots of people have contributed and got involved already- if you want to join them please tell me (there’s a contact email in the ‘About’ section). We’re always looking for more magazine scans, photos (especially any live ones you have to share), etc.

Thanks for reading!

We’re also on Twitter if you want to follow us (will add a Facebook page shortly): @AKiedisnet

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday AK and Welcome Everyone!

  1. Merim fadel says:

    Bonjour Moi C Meriem Une Tres Grande fan De Et Je Luis Souhaite un Tres Bon Anniversaire.

  2. CaptainFlex says:

    Happy Birthday AK! Amazing job Rebecca.

  3. Ritak says:

    Happy Birthday Anthony!
    I’m positive this place will always show you our love and respect for you.
    And thanks again Rebecca for all the efforts you’ve been putting on this project throughout these months. You’re an amazing person, just like AK!

  4. admin says:

    Bonjour Merim!

    And thanks Alex!

  5. chilisal says:

    Happy Birthday Anthony!
    Well done and thank you Rebecca for all your efforts with this fantastic project. We are well and truly spoiled! 😀

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