Vote for Anthony Kiedis- Best Singer for a Radio Superband

Italian Virgin Radio are running a best band competion and the vote is on for the best vocalist; surely there’s only one choice?!! So let’s get voting for Anthony Kiedis (even if his name is wrongly spelled on the poll!). Anthony is one of 25 people in the poll (why bother with the other 24?!)

Dopo aver votato per la parte musicale oggi tocca scegliere tra 25 grandi cantanti. L’ordine è quello alfabetico. Se desiderate farvi un refresh di chi sono c’è anche la gallery fotografica. il vincitore entrerà di diritto nella Virgin Radio SuperBand.
Rock On!

English (thanks to Google translate!): After voting for the musical today, it’s choice of 25 great singers. The order is alphabetical. If you want a refresh of who they are, there is also the photo gallery. the winner will come to the right in the Virgin Radio Superband.
Rock On!

Voting link HERE

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