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We now have a dedicated page on Facebook where we’ll also post latest news as it comes in to help you keep in touch and up to date! Check out our ‘All About Anthony Kiedis’ Facebook page

And you can also follow us on Twitter: @AKiedisnet Again for fast news updates when they come in.

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2 Responses to Follow us On Facebook and Twitter!

  1. gene says:

    Hey “Antanai”, do you consider yourself of Lithuanian heritage??? Just curious if you ever plan to visit there, or maybe you were already there. A big welcome awaits if you haven’t.
    Even though I’m closer to your dad’s age, I really like most of your music. Hang in there.


    • admin says:

      Hi, sorry this is an unofficial site dedicated to AK and isn’t run by AK himself so we can’t say about his plans to visit Lithuania but I hope for all of you there that he does visit one day! I’m saving comments like this one and when I have a few, I’ll try to find a way of forwarding them to him. Thanks for posting.

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