Anthony Kiedis Photos Update

New photos of Anthony have come out on Brunopress As Usual they are thumbnails but there are several of AK in his electric car wearing a wet suit. Here’s a screen cap to give you an idea:

Anthony kiedis white car wet suit

Also an update on the previous Silverlake post of AK with fan at the fundraising dinner: Yesterday I saw the same photo used as a profile picture on Facebook so I contacted the person it belonged to and met Marta! Marta very kindly gave me permission to use not only that photo, but she allowed me to copy the rest of the photos she had posted on Facebook! 😀  All photos from the event have now been added to a new gallery:

Anthony Kiedis at Silverlake Dinner

Ive just added some more photos from Kimberly! Marta and Kimberly were sat together on the same table in case you are wondering!

Thanks once again to Shannon, Kimberlu and Marta for sharing 🙂

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