Anthony Kiedis Pie Chef?

Happy April Fools!

Thank to everyone who shared the links and joined in the fun! Hope it made you smile 🙂

I’ve just received this letter about a range of new ‘Readymade’ pies created by the Red Hot Chili Peppers including one by a certain Mr. Anthony Kiedis!



They’re Red Hot!

Introducing the new range of pies endorsed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Readymade: Steady How the Pastry Rolls

Throw away your cooking equipment because BloodSugar Foods are proud to announce the arrival of a new range of Readymade pies inspired & created by members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers! They are even endorsed by the whole band!

 Three flavours are to be released first with others to follow- inspired by both current and past members of RHCP.

 Check out:

Anthony Kiedis: Bear and Hot Pepper Pie

Flea: Blueberry & Chili Pie

Chad: Chicken Drumstick, Red Pepper & Ale Pie

 Arriving in chiller cabinets on April 1st 2011!

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6 Responses to Anthony Kiedis Pie Chef?

  1. admin says:

    Time…. is beautiful AROUND THE WORLD 😀

  2. sally sturman says:

    Wow! I can’t wait to ‘Taste the Pies.’ They sound delicious! I’m sure they won’t give me an ‘Indigestion Smile’ although I think the blueberry one might leave a ‘Purple Stain’ if I miss my mouth! 😛 😀

    • admin says:

      LMAO!!! I’m sure any stains would be just a ‘Minor Thing’ though and you could ‘Easily’ get ‘Dosed’ with indigestion tablets to solve any lasting discomfort and help prevent a night hugging the ‘Porcelain’! Personally I ‘Can’t Stop’ eating them and I love the Flea one with a few little peas and some ‘Brandy’

  3. sally sturman says:

    I was really looking forward to those pies… :'(

  4. HI, I love what admin has to say! I got a pie for A.K., but I think it’s a little more South than blueberry.

  5. admin says:

    Hehe! Any cherries involved?! lol I’m Rebecca btw.

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