Anthony Kiedis Photos Update

2500 Anthony Kiedis Photos

At a rough count of only the photo galleries (I haven’t included any of the photos in the ‘About the Man,’ etc. sections), the site now houses over 2500 photos; we have the largest dedicated collection of Anthony Kiedis photos in categorized galleries currently online! (And I still have more to add…!)

anthony kiedis photographed with stars fans

I have added well over 200 photos in the last two days to the ‘Me and My Friends’ galleries featuring pictures of Anthony Kiedis with fans, celebrities, etc. The photos now stretch over four galleries (I start a new gallery around 100 photos as it just makes them easier to load) and hopefully there are no repeats! If there are, please let me know and I’ll correct the galleries- it’s hard dealing with so many photos and checking through them all without seeing double, etc! I’ve also added name details of the celebrities to the photo file names when I definitely know who has been photographed with AK, but I know some are missing, there are people who I have no idea who they are, etc. so again any help labelling photos correctly would be gratefully received!

I would like to give a massive thank you to Otherside713 who very kindly gave me access to her collection of photos, ‘Chilis and Celebs’ many of which I’ve used in the ‘Me and My Friends’ galleries. Others are included in galleries on my RHCP website TheChili Source. She has nearly 500 of photos of Anthony Kiedis and the other members of Red Hot Chili Peppers photographed with other celebrities. It’s an amazing collection and even I hadn’t seen many of the photos before. I’m really delighted that she chose to share the pictures with me for use with my website followers. I hope you enjoy and appreciate them too 🙂

(BTW I still have some of her photos to add but a lot are going to be used in the info pages on AK/RHCP  at award/TV shows that I’m going to be putting together as soon as I get chance!)

anthony kiedis rhcp launch play station beverly hills

I have also added a new info page with photos of Anthony Kiedis at the Play Station Launch  back in 2002. There are photos of Anthony Kiedis arriving at the launch, playing with the Play Station; some photos are of him alone and some with the other guests including Christian Slater, David Spade, Luke Wilson, Fred Durst and a woman (flame me now!) I don’t recognise.

anthony kiedis MTV promo surfing barracudas with flea RHCP

And for those of you who haven’t noticed, I recently added an info page on Anthony Kiedis and Flea when they were pranked by MTV’s Moonman; there are photos of AK and the also the video that was filmed of the prank.

I hope you enjoy my efforts! Rebecca

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  1. VALERIE says:

    Anthony , Love of my life need to see you soon….

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