Anthony Kiedis Tribute to Bob Dylan

A number of celebrities have paid tribute to Bob Dylan for his 70th birthday and Anthony Kiedis was one of them. This is his comment:


bob dylan is a wave.

he’s a moving body of energy built of melodies, words, rhythms, ideas, and attitudes that have swept over the world since the year of my birth.

like jazz music he is an American invention. one of the best representatives we’ve ever had.

thank goodness for every person, place, thing, or animal that ever inspired bob to write music.

if a man is measured by the amount of suffering he eases and the amount of joy he gives the world, then bob has more than done his job.

bringing the intellect and the emotion together in song that sounds like no one else is a rare form of expression.

bob dylan is a rare artist. they don’t make them likehim anymore.



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