Anthony Kiedis – Moustache Gone?

Edit: The original of this has just been found and it was taken in 1998 so it seems Brunopress has issued an old photo; mystery solved! Plus we’ve also just found new pics of him taken a couple of days ago with the ‘stache intact (about to post)

This photo has just been posted on Brunopress; normally they release new photos and they are added to the ‘front’ of the photos and this one is after the recent Cars 2 Premier pictures so we’re assuming it’s been taken since (and the date seems to confirm that)… and the new photo shows him without the ‘stache so is this the latest look?

anthony kiedis no 'stache

But we are trying to verify this; a lot of people think it’s a re-release of an old photo that’s had a current date added to it- will let you know when we/if we find out for sure.

Thanks to Simona for the heads up on this!

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15 Responses to Anthony Kiedis – Moustache Gone?

  1. Alex Gibbons says:


  2. Arslane says:

    I don’t think the picture is recent, reminds me of him in the californication era, 1998

  3. Missy says:

    No, he was blonde during then…
    then he went long dark brown hair

  4. key says:

    would be great

  5. sally sturman says:


  6. admin says:

    It was 1988!
    (I was just so excited when I saw that pic and date that relief over came logic!!! lol)

  7. yertletheturtle says:

    1998 not 1988 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks! Just changed it; was told 1998 but managed to get it wrong! Am blaming heat stroke as we’ve actually had sun here today lol

  8. Firsa says:

    Too bad it’s gone, I thought it was *tres* sexy…

  9. ANTHONY says:

    like your mustache

  10. Lorena King says:

    I just found these comments after posting about the mustache somewhere else. I hope he shaves soon.

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