Please Vote Anthony Kiedis Celebrity Vegan

Peta are running their annual sexiest celebrity vegan awards again and Anthony Kiedis is one of the nominations. He won the Peta Sexiest Male Vegan Award in back in 2008 so maybe it’s time for him to win it again? Voting link is at the bottom of the post so please take the couple of minutes it takes to vote for him!

What do Andrew G, Bill Clinton, Barbie Hsu, Maggie Q, Anne Hathaway, and Portia de Rossi all have in common? They’re hot and humane! More and more stars are taking on new roles as models for a compassionate, healthy, and Earth-friendly lifestyle. In fact, there’s currently a whole constellation of heavenly Hollywood herbivores out there. We couldn’t possibly pick our favorite Hollywood hottie with a heart by ourselves—they’re all winners to us—so we need your help to help us decide who we should crown the sexiest vegetarian celebrities.

So why are so many famous folks bidding adieu to animal products? From preventing the inexcusable cruelty to animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses to improving health and physique and helping the environment (meat is anything but “green,” you know), these celebs know that going vegan or vegetarian is the single best choice that each of us can make for animals, our bodies, the Earth, and our taste buds!


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