Anthony Kiedis & RHCP Update

And it comes in thick & fast! 🙂

Classic Rock Magazine August 2011

Anthony Kiedis is inerviewed along with the rest of RHCP in the current edition of Classic Rock (UK) magazine.

anthony kiedis rhcp recent  photo

Here’s an extract:

There are trace elements of old school Chili Peppers in The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, the first single from the album. It’s key line -”I want to rock you like the 80s” – sounds like it’s beamed in straight from Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Proving there’s life in the old horndogs yet, this snigger-worthy lyric has already upset the stuffed shirts at the BBC.

“Referencing the 80s is a fun thing to do,” says Kiedis. “Getting cock-blocked for saying ‘cock’ on British radio. British radio does not love the word ‘cock’. Hopefully the original will rise to the surface. Because it is a poignant moment in the song. You can hang your teacup on the word ‘cock’.”

Some would say cock rock has never gone away. Motley Crue and Poison are touring the US together this summer…

“I would like to see what has become of those chaps,” says Kiedis. “I ran into CC Deville on the Sunset Strip recently. He was so sweet. He’s just emanating good vibes and loving nature. It’s all just gravy for him.”

Full scans and transcript here

More Anthony Kiedis Photos

More photos of Anthony performing with RHCP on the 27th July have come in; copy and paste the link below to view the pictures:

And two new photos have been added to the official site:

anthony kiedis sseated at table with new RHCP line up


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  1. J. says:

    What brand shirt is Anthony wearing? I see a logo above and to the right of the image.


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