New Anthony Kiedis RHCP Magazine Scans

Two new magazine scans of Anthony Kiedis /RHCP interviews have just been added to the site. They are

August 2011 Rolling Stone (Italy) Sorry no transcript yet; a two page article with a half-page photo of the band

Update: Translation now added. 

August 2011 Vanity Fair (Italy) Sorry no transcript yet; a four page article with couple of new photos of the band – one a third of a page and the other a page and a half big.

Many thanks to Simona and Rita for sharing these with us. Enjoy 🙂

If you can scan/photograph any magazines you have featuring Anthony Kiedis & RHCP (whether old magazines or current) we would love to be able to add them to our magazine scan collection. Between this site and, we have over 100 scans uploaded (many with full transcripts) ranging from 1988 right up to the current day! We currently have the largest online magazine scan collection dedicated to RHCP as a whole and Anthony Kiedis himself anywhere on the internet!

Check out our full collection of RHCP articles and scans on TheChiliSource HERE

And our Anthony Kiedis Magazine Scans/Articles can be found in the menu underneath the site banner 🙂

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