RHCP Secret Show at The Troubadour 30th July 2011

After all the confusion yesterday, Red Hot Chili Peppers did play a concert at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, last night (30th July 2011) but it was a closed guest list; only people named on the list could gain access. Thelonius Monster (Bob Forrest’s band) provided support and then the Chilis hit the stage and dragged out a couple of oldies! Sir Pyscho Sexy anyone?!!

Will update this (note updated to add 4 videos) if any more photos & videos come on but so far we have:


red Hot Chili Peppers private concert set list

1. Monarchy Of Roses
2. Charlie
3. Ethiopia
4. Universally Speaking
5. Look Around
6. Soul To Squeeze
7. Factory Of Faith
8. Throw Away Your Television
9. Meet Me At The Corner
10. I Like Dirt
11. The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie
12. Right On Time
13. By The Way
14. Sir Psycho Sexy
15. Give It Away


Thanks to Dave Rat!

Anthony Kiedis live on stage with Red Hot Chili Peppers Los Angeles private concert

Anthony Kiedis on stage at private gig in LA


anthony kiedis live secret concert los angeles 31 july 2011

anthony kiedis singing LA

anthony kiedis RHCP troubadour los angeles

Thanks to DJrockymason

Thanks to wastedjp:


There’s also a very brief video; sorry I can’t find an embed code for it so here’s the link: http://www.twitvid.com/OU7EC

Throw Away Your Television

Anthony Kiedis saying happy birthday


Meet Me at the Corner

I Like Dirt

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

Sir Psycho Sexy

Thanks to Ana Paula & Brendan for sourcing the info! Many thanks to @RILEYHARPER & everyone else who took the photos and video.

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