Anthony Kiedis is a Full Bodied Red?

Fine Wine: 15 Men in Music Who’ve Aged Remarkably Well

Anthony Kiedis has featured in a VH1 Blog dedicated to men who have aged like vintage wine!

Here’s the extract on Anthony:

As the Red Hot Chili Peppers release their tenth studio album this week, we can’t help but daydream ruminate about how much of a sex symbol frontman Anthony Kiedis was—who could forget the sock?!—and still is. Time has been kind to Mr. Suck My Kiss, and he is definitely not alone in that regard; there’s an entire legion of men in music whose good looks and sex appeal have fermented in the manner of a perfectly-mature wine.

Whether you grew up with one of their faces taped to your Trapper Keeper or you’re old enough to be their mom, there’s a hunk on this list for you. From rock to hip hop, songwriters to bass players, we’ve got Arena Gods, men who are Good With Their HandsSmooth OperatorsInternational Flavors, and like the Chili Peppers’ singer,Spicy Sex Symbols. Keeping it simple, we’re celebrating the 45 to 70-year-old vintages by exhibiting their physical evolution through their respective careers. You’ll be taking in images from when they got their start, their “middle years,” and how they look in the present. Take a moment to step into the wine cellar and relish in each man’s beauty of the past and, at the end,toast to their continued maturing in the future by weighing in on who you think has aged best. Apologies in advance for the ladyboners!




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3 Responses to Anthony Kiedis is a Full Bodied Red?

  1. Trine Davies says:

    MMMMM, He has always been fine!

    • admin says:

      Thank you! I need to get pages set up for each of the recent concerts (life is so manic right now!) so I’ll include some of these in that if that’s OK?

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