Happy Birthday Anthony! (Updated)

It’s not quite November 1st here, in fact I currently have trick or treaters bashing on my door!, but I’m trying to take into account world time differences so I’ll start now and let this run for a few days to allow everyone who wants to a chance & time to contribute…

I’ve just opened a new section where people can post any birthday messages they want:

Happy Birthday Anthony Kiedis!

Anthony Kiedis Red Hot Chili Peppers birthday cake


Lots of birthday messages have been posted; thank you to everyone who has taken part and come on to those who haven’t! 🙂

I’m also going to add a link here to a lovely blog post by a close online friend of mine where she talks about AK’s birthday; I’m sure most of us agree with her :). Thanks to Giovana; you can see the post HERE


(BTW The tab for the birthday section will remain in place for a week or so and then I’ll move the posts into the ‘Hi AK’ section where they will remain 🙂 )

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7 Responses to Happy Birthday Anthony! (Updated)

  1. Chloe Louise says:

    First I would like to say,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY ANTHONY! I hope you have an amazing birthday and many more to come! I would just like to wish you all the best for your special day and I can’t wait to see RHCP in Dublin O2 this friday. Love you Anthony. Sending lots of love. xx

  2. Pamela Byrnes says:

    Wishing you peace, love, and a happy birthday from Michigan. xoxo

  3. Andjelka says:

    I know he’ll never read this, but… Since it’s already November 1st in Serbia- HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONYYYY! I wish you SO MUCH love, joy, happiness… LITERALLY everything you could possibly wish for, all the best from the bottom of my heart. I wish I could give you a long, tight hug and thank you for existing and making this world a better place. All of my love to you. <3

  4. sally sturman says:

    Happy Birthday Anthony! I wish you a wonderful day, doing whatever you want and being with the people you love 🙂

  5. Jeannette says:

    Happy Birthday Anthony wanted to be happy today and forever and come back soon to Chile, you’re a wonderful person and I admire you all the love in the world for you and your child.

  6. stella maris acosta says:

    feliz cumple mi amor te deceo lo mejor del mundo te amo

  7. Rocio Torres says:

    Happy Birthday idol!, You’re what I love in the world, in the universe. You’re all, thanks to you I can face all the problems I have. I hope the pass very well. I think you’re the best person in the world. With your biography I learned many things. I wish you the best in the world. You are a beautiful being, god bless you. Rocio (15 years) of Argentina.

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