Scar Tissue TV Series

It seems that the TV series based on Scar Tissue (it’s often been referred to as ‘Spider and Son’) is back on! A couple of websites have been reporting that the series has now been transferred to FX who will develop Scar Tissue through FX productions and Catapult 360. It seems that John Sayles who was originally writing the project might have been dropped.

For previous information on this, here’s our Scar Tissue/ Spider and Son TV series info thread

We will update with more details as we get them. I know a couple of websites are running this story but out of respect of Blackie Dammett’s wishes we are only linking to this one: Source and would politely respect that other people do the same; Blackie (Anthony’s father in case you don’t know!) is a very talented person who writes, paints and had a long career as an actor and he feels it is unfair that people only concentrate on one aspect of his past.


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3 Responses to Scar Tissue TV Series

  1. Ana Paula Merli says:

    Yeah!!!! I want to see this…

  2. Anna Vasconcellos says:

    Hi! I love your website, great source of information about AK! I´m brazilian and as you may know that the RHCP were here last month for Rock in Rio. So, this is a link of an interview he gave while he was here. Some parts of the video are in Portuguese, but the interview itself is in English. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Anna Vasconcellos says:

    Actually, this link brings the whole interview with not too much Portuguese in it…

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