Anthony Kiedis Interview: Mojo December 2011

A one page interview with Anthony Kiedis is featured in the latest edition of MOJO (UK) magazine. Here’s an extract:

Now, on the cusp of his 49th birthday, the muscle-bound frontman favours a cleaner life: “I want,” he says, “to be the strongest, fastest, surfingest 50-year-old the world has ever seen.”

 Ever considered going solo?

Not really. In the little grey area after John quit, a couple of producers were approaching me to do solo stuff. I listened to what they’d done and thought, “Fuck no, it’s not as cool as what I do when I’m with my band.”

Your autobiography,  Scar Tissue, was a real warts and all book…

Arnold Wartzenall? The great writer?

That’s the one. Did you worry about dumping personal information into the public domain?

In all truth, I didn’t really think it through. I was so used to sharing my “warts” with people, I forgot to consider that people would eventually read it. But I’m happy because it has become a go-to book for people who are struggling with their own addictions and challenges in life. I’m an example of someone who was down and out and got over the hump.

Full Anthony Kiedis MOJO interview HERE


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