RHCP Concert Reviews

Just a quick update, I’m (trying to!) writing a concert review for the RHCP concerts I’ve been to with additional photos, information etc.

I’ve just written the one for RHCP at Birmingham on 20th November and anyone interested can read it HERE

I’m going to add photos of Anthony Kiedis performing live as I can to this website but I’m going to post the reviews along with concert information posts on TheChiliSource as that seems to make more sense. I’m mentioning it here in case people are interested plus some people have sent things to/are checking this website for these posts.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out- doing the reviews is my main priority right now and they are all coming! But firstly thank you to Hannah and Lawrence who let me take a photo of the set list they got on Sunday night; I’ve just used it in the review! Thank you so much; nobody has posted a copy of that set list online so far so without the photos you kindly let me take, nobody would have seen it. Thanks 🙂

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