Real life has been throwing bombshells in my direction and they have been taking all of my time to deal with and sort, so my websites have had to take a back seat while I deal with things- I haven’t abandonned them or given up on them and hope (real life allowing!) to be back as normal over the next couple of days…

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3 Responses to Sorry…

  1. Ricardo Seifert says:

    Hey Dude. Take your time.

    This site is awesome, and Im glad to have someone like u to feed us with AK last news.

    Take yout time. I hope u go around yr everyday activities, and then back here.!

    Good look!

  2. Susie Wedemeyer says:

    A Michigan native, I grew up in Ann Arbor at a time when Iggy Pop, The MC-5, and John Sinclair ran the “hippy community” full throttle. I lived in San Francisco for a long time also. I think Michigan does deserve respect and recognition not only for it’s beauty but for all of the talented musicians who have roots here. Like Anthony said, people don’t realize the extent of the natural beauty here – especially way up north near Lake Superior. It’s so pure there’s nothing like it! I am back in the Ann Arbor area now and perfectly happy as an Artist and Mom…

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