Anthony Kiedis at Turin December 2011

Venue: Palaolimpico Torino Italy

Date: Saturday 10th December 2011

I’ve just added over 150 photos of Anthony Kiedis performing with Red Hot Chili Peppers at Torino/ Turin, Italy at the end of last year. Sorry there’s been a delay due to real life issues but I’ve finally done it… Here are a few examples, hope you enjoy 🙂

Note: The lighting at the concert wasn’t brilliant for taking photos; I took over 700 trying to catch the right conditions and have uploaded about 300 of those to my two websites- the quality of the uploaded ones does vary but I’ve added so many photos to give a real taste of the concert.

Full Anthony Kiedis Gallery at Torino December 2011

And for anyone interested: Full RHCP at Torino Gallery on TheChiliSource

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    Great post.

    Thanks for the photos. This is the best site to find more information about Anthony.

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