Anthony Kiedis Photos & Video February 20/21st 2012

Anthony Kiedis was photographed on two consecutive days at the end of last month; the first time without crutches and the second time using them to attend a Lakers game.

Anthony Kiedis with foot cast but no crutches

More photos from this time can be seen as thumbnails on Isopix HERE without watermarks or as larger watermarked pictures

Here’s a screen cap in case you have problems viewing the site:

Anthony Kiedis photos foot injury with and without crutches

Most of the photos shown in that sequence of Anthony attending the Lakers game have been released without watermarks; here are a couple of examples and the rest will be added to the Anthony Kiedis 2012 photo gallery.

Anthony Kiedis foot injury on crutches Lakers game

Anthony Kiedis back view crutches Lakers game Death Song jacket

There are also a couple of videos:

Ak is about 0.38



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