As promised I’m trying to update things: the new Anthony Kiedis 2012 Photo Gallery has finally been started and relevant photos added plus the AK and Beth Jeans Houghton Gallery has been updated along with the info section on their relationship -right up to the latest comments by Anthony saying that he isn’t in a serious relationship along with comments that Beth has made about Anthony during interviews of the past few months.

Many thanks to Aline Silva who’s taken the time to provide us with English translations of scans from Brazil that were very kindly shared with us by Gabi Kiedis &  Giovana (Brandy) of RHCP articles. The translations must have take a lot of time so thank you very much Aline; we really appreciate it 🙂 :

Capricho 2000

Capricho April 2002

Capricho October 2002

Veja 2003  

Jovem Pan 2003

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