May 2012 Q Magazine

“Last year, she was romantically linked with Red Hot Chili Pepper Anthony Kiedis (“I don’t talk about it,” she smiles)….”

In a rare venture out into the real world today (thanks to more on-going traumas in real life keeping me pretty tied to home & hence no posts on here for weeks: I am immersed back into the world of alcoholism thanks to a close relative who seems pretty much hell bent on drinking himself to death unless we can get him to rehab for the third time this year before he does…)  while sampling the delights of the local supermarket, I decided to peruse the magazine shelves on the off-chance and picked up the latest edition of Q Magazine. There’s only a brief mention & small picture of Anthony Kiedis within a Beth Jeans Houghton interview but for the sake of completeness, I had to buy it:

Interview Beth Jeans Houghton with Anthony Kiedis photo

The magazine has just gone on sale here in the UK so please pick up a copy or subscribe to Q here

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