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Finally! Here’s a (sorry, belated) update of the latest news….

Anthony Kiedis: RHCP Hall of Fame Induction

Rock N Roll Hall of Fame: An information page with a photo gallery has been set up along with 4 really high quality videos of the event – both of the backstage press meeting and the actual ceremony

RHCP Inducted into the Edge

chad smith anthony Kiedis FLea Josh Kilinghoffer inducted

RHCP Inducted into 1o2.1 The Edge Hall of Fame

Just like buses, inductions seem to run  in multiples! A few days after the Red Hot Chili Peppers were inducted into the Cleveland Hall of Fame, they were inducted into Canadian radio station,  1o2.1 The Edge’s Hall of Fame as well! Another photo gallery with two videos of the event has also been added and can be seen HERE


Anthony Kiedis: Last Night I Swam with a  Mermaid

On Sunday, April 22, 2012 Anthony attended the book launch of   ‘Last Night I Swam with a Mermaid’ by Kimberly (story) & Michael Muller (photographs) in L.A. The book was launched with a ‘Earth Day’ fete with loads of children’s activities and Anthony took his son, Everly Bear, along with him to join in the fun!

The book’s theme is about promoting the enviroment and respecting the planet and is obviously based on the importance of the ocean to humanity. Some of the profits raised from the book are to be donated to Philippe Cousteau’s EarthEcho International. More details & sales link HERE

anthony Kiedis with son Everly bear at book launch for I swam with a mermaid

Normally I don’t post paparazzi photos of Everly with Anthony in order to respect his privacy but this was a public event so I have included one on this occasion. 

If you want to find out more about the Earth Day event e.g. expected guests & activities on offer, there are details on the Evolutionary Media Group website

Anthony’s New Wheels! 5th May 2012

anthony kiedis rides scooter in New York

Looks like there was a shortage of taxis in NYC and Anthony had to borrow Everly’s scooter to get about! There are a couple more very similar photos of Anthony freewheelin’ on the sidewalk & they can be viewed on Star Feine



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