Anthony Kiedis News Update

Edit: I posted this above the Helena Vestergaard section as I wasn’t sure who was in it- I’ve since been told it’s Michelinni Provensi and was taken on 5th January (thanks to ‘God’ for the info- I tried to email you about your other points but the email bounced). It came up on a Facebook post about Helena but I thought it wasn’t her and the video itself gave no more detail.

Anthony and Helena Vestergaard


I’ve just added details about Anthony’s ‘date’ (there seems to be some discussion on whether it was an actual date or not!) with Helena Vestergaard as a new page: Anthony Kiedis and Helena Vestergaard Helena fell asleep during the game and her little nap even got a mention in UK newspaper, The Daily Mail (I think the story just ran on their online version and not in the actual paper)- again details of that given on the same page.

(Sorry real life has been getting in the way again so I’m playing catch up on this!)

I’ve also just added a couple of photos of Anthony arrived at Mr Chow’s in Los Angeles on 21st Feburary to the 2013 Anthony Kiedis Photo Gallery

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2 Responses to Anthony Kiedis News Update

  1. tamar simone mathews says:

    dear anthony if you have embusullen angel fire poetry id like you to share it its about 12 years old on a hotmail site that may or may not have been yours angels walk thru fire 36 3/4 page original all credit to me they were open letter i mean id like to read them as the original hand written book was stolen by a chink at the time i was writing them send to please or i guess you disgarded poet embasullen someone read and liked them….):ho are you anyway way missed the show what next capiche this is good forum anyone read? post them online somewhere public and accessable i stopped writing ten years after i lost those xxxo tamar simone mathews

  2. Laure says:

    WHY ANTHONY?OK you can dating with her but why you do this???I love you very much and I never saw you perosnally =(I’m very young but my love can overcome my age,and my letter you never answer =(I’m very sad because I don’t have you with me,but I could die for you and I forgive you for averything because I LOVE YOU!

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