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We often post ‘fun’ things on that page that aren’t added on this website or before they are added here. We  also frequently have ‘post themes’ for a week- this week it will be some of my photos of Anthony that have been digitally altered for a different effect. Concert and other photos also get added as profile & cover pictures on a regular basis so it’s a way of checking out something new without having to trawl through the thousands of photos we have in Galleries on here. Hopefully, see you there soon!


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  1. igor says:

    Hi there! I don’t understand your music///but I understand you Anthony//// I know even what you are thinking//// I know why you love natives///crazy fucker and girls lover/love seafood and meat .vegetables but not so much fruit/alcohol your friend not dictator/ mistic and magic lover/ dreamer /love natives and 88/your parents very important for you………/////it’s so easy to know you and you are cool///because night 1.11.62 not only you birthday mine too. brgds god-Wakhan-tanka and Veles bless scorpio-tigers-1.11.62

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