We’re Back!

Sorry I’ve been having issues with the site over the domain names as they were originally registered using my late husband’s account as it made more sense when he was alive to do that. However, there have been problems since his death and I’ve had major issues getting all of the details transferred to myself with the latest outcome being that the site domain name was put into ‘redemption’ and the site taken offline totally for the last couple of weeks 🙁

Hopefully it is all being resolved now and there should be no more problems! I had to pay to retrieve the site and I believe everything should now be under my personal details so the issue shouldn’t happen again:)

I have a load of new scans and photos to add so please watch the site for new updates! Thank you all for your patience! It’s good to be back! <3

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4 Responses to We’re Back!

  1. Susan J. Ballantyne says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I am a fan of your band and have read Scar Tissue.

    I really wanted to comment on the last few pages. I am a recovering alcoholic and my sobriety date is 29th November 2004. I have not consumed a mind altering substance of any kind since that date.

    The desire left me without me knowing which is what “they” call a Spiritual Awakening.

    I am a bit confused with the workability and legitimacy of the Twelve Step program. It seems to have been watered down over the years and openly and publicly ridiculed and criticized.

    Do you feel the same? I would be interested in your thoughts.


    • admin says:

      Hey… this is an unofficial website so it has no connection to Anthony himself. Sorry.

      I have some personal experience on this issue so I’ll add my comment if you don’t mind – although from experience is from looking from the other side. My late husband was an alcoholic and it killed him; he was placed on a 12 step program and to me watching, it seemed to give him a reason to carry on drinking… it was the ‘higher power’s fault’ for allowing him to carry on and making him drink in the first place thereby absolving him of all personal responsibility- and from all I’ve been through, taking personal responsibility for the problem is the only it can be sorted in my mind. It made everything a 100 times worse and the local contacts we had with AA people here were equally destructive- to me, let alone my husband. I personally have no time for AA/the 12 step thing and when you research it, it has a really low success rate. My advice would be to carry on if you are one of the ones it works for but if not, or you have doubts, look for some of the alternatives out there. They may be the ones to help you. We only found out that there were other methods too late in the game as AA/12 Steps is the thing that’s heavily pushed here in the UK. My email is in the contact details- message me if you want to talk privately. Keep strong; peace and best wishes <3

  2. Susan J. Ballantyne says:

    Hi Thank you for your response.

    I got sober without AA….as it seemed like you said to exasperate the situation….but I do go to a few meetings for the fellowship friendship support and mixing with “my kind”….so I agree with your sentiments.

    I have NO desire to drink…it is all the changes I have had to make and it has taken years and is ongoing…..and difficult…..

    Thanks again

    • admin says:

      You’re welcome. I understand how much strength you need to follow your new life. The offer to chat is genuine so please contact me if you ever need to. I hope you continue to find the inner strength you have now- you’ve done amazingly so take pride and new hope from that.

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