Anthony Kiedis Interview Classic Rock 200 August 2014

I’ve just been to do my parents’ shopping and glanced through the music magazines while in the supermarket as I usually do and today, I found this! Anthony isn’t named on the cover so was a nice surprise to find this lurking on the inside. This edition of Classic Rock is a special edition to commemorate the 200th publication and is featuring lots of interviews; the Kiedis one is in the ‘Family’ section. I’m not sure if it is a repeat of an earlier interview they’ve done with him ( I haven’t seen it  before and it doesn’t state it’s a re-run of something printed earlier) so I’m assuming it is new but I stand to be corrected on that.



My first thought every day now is: go check on my son and make sure he’s happy. It’s a great relief. A little boy telling you he loves you or holding his body next to yours, those really are the highs that have no comedown.

Full transcript can be found in the articles section: Anthony Kiedis Classic Rock 200

Classic Rock can be purchased here


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  1. Sharon Shell says:

    Hello, I admire Anthony for being a wonderful father (first and foremost) and for his no regret attitude regarding his former behavior including the “Scar Tissue” admissions.
    He did what he did then because he didn’t know any better.
    Now he knows better, so he does better.
    The fact that he keeps his family and personal relationships as low key as possible is because it is more important then anything else.
    Anthony, please keep in mind that your former assistant was the author of the Word Press “HH”Blog.
    I was instrumental in getting it shutdown and in getting the google images that she posted of your life deleted from the internet.
    Live and Love Well! Take Care~

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