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I really appreciate any information and scans that are sent to me for the website and everything I’m sent will find it’s way on here.

I know I’ve really fallen behind; real life has been a total pain over the last two years and the demands from all that’s happened have had to take precedence over the websites. I really hope things are a lot more sorted now and I’m on holiday from work so I have a little more time right now. I’m currently trying to work my way through the backlog that’s built up and all I can do is really apologize and say that I am grateful for all the contributions I’ve had. All of the back issues I’ve collected more recently are now scanned and online and I’m currently working my way through the three pages of site related emails I have- I will reply to everyone and I will get the scans I’ve been sent uploaded as soon as I can.

I only post magazines directly related to Anthony Kiedis on this website (e.g. he’s on the cover or it’s a solo interview with just him)- all of my Red Hot Chili Peppers scans go on The Chili Source. There are now over 400 magazine articles online between my two websites. If you are interested, the full list is here:

The Chili Source RHCP Articles & Scans Index

There is a chronological index, an alphabetical index and a list of all none English language articles, etc.

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One Response to Magazine Scans and Info

  1. Jane Grenfell says:

    Hi my name is Jane and I live in Australia, Scar Tissue has just found it’s way into my hands and I’ve read it in all it’s amazingness.
    At this stage I have to say I’ve been a ‘functioning addict’ for almost 40 years. I’ve had 5 children who have never been out of my care & are all now adults- 3 with families of their own, all norms as you would say, BUT obviously our family would have been better off without my heroin habit.
    I am constantly consumed with guilt, make all the promises one makes but cannot do it.
    I just want to say that the bit at the end of the book where you said you had learned that not giving in to the urge won’t hurt & will go away moved and encouraged me to try yet again. Thank you and congratulations on a great life.
    I wish you love.

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