Retro Article (2005): Under the Bridge


At home, Kiedis set about writing down the song swimming around in his head.

“I was thinking about my life and how sad it was,” he says. “But things were still a million per cent better than they were two years earlier when I was using drugs all of the time. I just started writing about the bridge, and, more specifically, the things that occurred under the bridge.”

I’ve just uploaded a scan of a back issue magazine featuring RHCP that arrived today. It’s from July 2005 and contains an article on the making of  ‘Under The Bridge’. I’ve uploaded it here because it centres mostly on Anthony and his inspiration for writing the song along with several quotes from/about him and although there isn’t really anything new in terms of content for RHCP fans who already know the song’s background, it still makes interesting reading in my opinion. Scans and a full transcript:  Q July 2005.

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