Update: Kiedis and Mushegain Fandemonium Signings

Just to let anyone who is lucky enough to be able to go to either of the ‘Fandemonium’ signings with Anthony Kiedis & photographer Dave Mushegain at Barnes & Noble in The Grove, LA on 17th November or the other event in  New York on 21st November where Anthony is to interviewed by David Fricke, details are being updated on the Barnes and Noble website. Current information is that the LA event will be by wristband admittance (more details to be announced shortly) and the  NYC event info is advising that there will be limited seating (with book purchase)  and that the seating will open at 5:00 pm (on the 4th floor). No photographs, CDs or memorabilia are permitted at this event.

Please check the websites yourself before you go to make sure you have the latest info 🙂

For more information on Fandemonium please see our earlier post HERE

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