Anthony Kiedis at Fashion Show with New Partner


Photo by David Mushegain


Anthony has been photographed at the Jeremy Scott Fashion Show during MADE Fashion Week Fall 2015 at Milk Studios on February 18, 2015 in New York City.

After much speculation and assuming that the relationship between Anthony Kiedis and Helena Vestergaard was over (no photos of the couple have been released since November and Helena looked less than happy in those. And mainly because Helena went back to Australia and seemed to celebrate her 21st birthday, Christmas and New Year without Kiedis and was gone for two months before returning to LA on the night that Anthony went to the UFC fight in Vegas) seems to have been confirmed by the following photos (even though the tag states it’s Helena Vestergaard accompanying Kieids, it clearly isn’t) showing Anthony attending the fashion show holding hands with a new woman:


Many more photos are available on the Getty site

Update: The Daily Mail are now running an article asking where Helena is along with a load of the Getty photos (nothing new in the article).


Thanks Angra for the heads up!


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6 Responses to Anthony Kiedis at Fashion Show with New Partner

  1. Corinna says:

    A freshly couple in love looks quite determined from … Anthony different when you realize finally that these young girls are with you just because of your money and your fame together ?! Pick at last a woman who is serious about you and not a girl … I do not want to offend the young lady , but her face is not pretty at all . But he had a particularly good taste in women so rarely … the main thing is tall and thin .

    • Sharon Shell says:

      I am hoping this is just a ploy to make the beautiful Helena envious.
      Although this new friend is beautiful and lovely, she is no Helena, nor will she ever come close.
      Her eyes are angry and insecure, and she is just plain not interesting enough.
      I believe Anthony is as smart as a fox, and he’ll work it out in due time.
      OR, – – -maybe his former assistant Lil Moron, (Yeah You Psycho MDu) organized another hateful BLOG to try and destroy Helena.
      Don’t ever count Helena out! She has a thick skin.
      And even if she had NOTHING, she would still have more then you MDu!

      • A says:

        What? What’s happened? Who is this Lil Moron/MDu?
        Can you tell me more?
        I’m wondering if is the same blog who made fun of her.
        People are very sick.
        About Wanessa I think she will not lasts because she’s too independent for him (she models for great brands as Armani etc.) so he can’t control her.
        He doesn’t stay with an independent woman since Heidi Klum (except for those momentaneous).

  2. kathy says:

    wonder has he ever dated anyone over 22 or over a size 2

    • niki says:

      Oh I’m sure he has dated all shapes and sizes. but I think he is continuously searching for his youth and a certain look of a woman from his past. This happens with ex addicts because they lose time and want to recapture the time lost. I’m sure he knowingly dates young women that desire to be in the lime light because he is and in a way he makes their dream come true with some sort of fame so he feels sort of an accomplishment and less empathetic to the ending of the realtionship. I just wonder if he gets bored, ever falls in love, is in love with love, or just loves to love, why not just one true love? I’m sure with so many opportunities to date and to make women happy it’s hard to stay with just one lol

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