Magazine Scans

I’ve recently bought a few more back issue magazines featuring the Red Hot Chili Peppers which I’m currently scanning and uploading. Any magazine relating primarily to just Anthony is uploaded to this site with the rest posted on my other website, The Chili Source- there are now several hundred magazine scans online. For a full list see HERE

Latest Additions:


1993 Musician Mostly an interview with Anthony.


2002 May Rolling Stone Spanish edition- brief one page feature with Anthony Kiedis


And I’ve just posted a massive 21 page supplement from Spain (am assuming from 2006) La Revista40

In fact, there’s a bit of a Spanish theme going on with the things I’ve been posting as I got a massive load of magazine articles from Spain… any help with translations would be gratefully received!

Here’s the list of links:

El Pais 


Unknown article

2003 Rolling Stone Spanish edition 

Rock n Roll 


EOM (?)



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