Anthony Decorates Surfboard for Charity


Anthony Kiedis is one of the people who has contributed to this year’s ‘The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel Holiday Surfboard Auction’ which benefits the Surfers Healing Foundation. The unique surfboards are auctioned to raise money to support children with autism allowing  them to benefit from the effects of surfing.

Bidding link (when I posted this the bid for Anthony’s surfboard was $700). Bidding closes at noon (local time) on 31st December, 2015.

Many thanks to Anne for the link!

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One Response to Anthony Decorates Surfboard for Charity

  1. Niki Lee says:

    Yay it’s up to $2,300 this is for such an awesome cause. Connecting the soul to the ocean puts a smile on anyone’s face but when it’s a child who struggles with the ability to put into motion physically connecting their brilliant charisma for others to understand, you see their joy in what Surfers Healing does. I hope to help one day. Obviously not monetarily as a single mom but get these kiddos paddling out. It’s an invigorating experience.

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