Anthony Kiedis & RHCP Play Superbowl 50

Anthony Kiedis and the Red Hot Chili Peppers played the Superbowl 50 in San Francisco last night (6th February 2016) and included the total shock of playing Aeroplane!


Set List

Can’t Stop
The Adventures of Raindance Maggie
Nobody Weird Like Me
Starman (David Bowie cover)
Police Helicopter
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Around The World
Me and My Friends
Snow ((Hey Oh))
By The Way
Under The Bridge
Give It Away


Source unknown





There are so many videos online now (I had a lie-in!) that I’ll post a selection.

Around The World

Under The Bridge


Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Snow ((Hey Oh))


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One Response to Anthony Kiedis & RHCP Play Superbowl 50

  1. ShaunC says:

    Excellent. I guess it was John who objected to playing anything from One Hot Minute so maybe with Josh we might get more tracks at concerts! Let’s hope so.

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