Anthony Kiedis Performing at Jazz Fest, New Orleans


Anthony Kiedis with The Red Hot Chili Peppers played the headlining set at Jazzfest, New Orleans yesterday (24th April, 2016).

Anthony was wearing a really colourful top (new?) with his black trousers that are cut off at one leg and what looked like a black elbow support.


The end of the Snow video is so sweet; he goes to embrace his son, Everly Bear, who is standing on the side of the stage holding a very cool white crocodile toy.



01 Can’t Stop
02 Dani California
03 Scar Tissue
04 Ethiopia
05 Aeroplane
06 Snow ((Hey Oh))
07 Right On Time
08 Universally Speaking
09 The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
10 Higher Ground
11 Under The Bridge
12 Suck My Kiss
13 Magic Johnson (tease)
14 Californication
15 By The Way

16 Around The World
17 Give It Away

 (Thanks to Henrik!)



The New Orleans Advocate



Full show



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  1. ShaunC says:

    Good to see they are playing tracks from One Hot Minute. Can’t wait to see them in the UK.

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