Odds and Ends: Anthony Kiedis at NOLA

A couple of photos of Anthony Kiedis from New Orleans associated with the Jazz Fest e.g. photos of him leaving the hotel on Sunday 24th April to go to the concert and also a shot of him with George Porter Jr.


Source: George Porter Jr Facebook page

Anthony Kiedis and Flea were spotted by numerous people walking around New Orleans.



Source: Unknown (Please contact me so I can credit if this photo is yours- it’s circulating on social media with no details)

nola-anthony-kiedis-leaving hotelSource: Brunopress and Amana Images are both running similar photos showing Anthony Kiedis leaving the hotel to perform at the concert.


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    I just love what Anthony writes, how to sing … As expressed in energy letters that are impossible moments of my life and make me feel better…

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