Anthony Kiedis RHCP Tour 2016: Bottle Rock




Location: Bottle Rock Napa Valley, CA, USA

Date: May, 29th 2016

Set List

01) Can’t Stop
02) Dani California
03) What Is Soul? (tease)
04) Snow
05) Dark Necessities
06) Nobody Weird Like Me
07) The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie
08) Otherside
09) Right On Time
10) The Getaway
11) Under The Bridge
– Jam –
12) Higher Ground
13) Californication
14) By The Way
– Encore Jam –
Chad Drum Solo
15) Around The World
16) Give It Away

The Getaway was played live for the first time

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  1. n Zimmerman says:

    Thank you. Us slaves to the grind to pay the light bills appreciate the free lights you gave to help us smile

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