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There’s a new RHCP song and a new Chili Peppers’ album on the horizon plus tour dates coming in thick and fast to add to all of the summer festival dates. Exciting times!

This has prompted some changes. As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been playing with the design on here as I felt like a change but the colour seemed too wrong (shades, anyone with all of that red? It was just one of the favourite photos I took of Anthony Kiedis but it was too bright to use) after it being grey-scale all of these years and I’ve swapped back to black and white today (although I’m still not happy with the current design so there might still be some changes).

The associated Facebook page has also had a revamp today to celebrate the new RHCP releases and the fact it is now hovering around 6000 likes :). And I’ve also finally resurrected the Twitter account to go with this website- everything dropped when my husband died and it was one of the things I couldn’t face for some reason but it now seems the right time to get it going again and I’ll do my best to update it.

Twitter: @AKiedisnet
Facebook: All About Anthony Kiedis

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Thank you to everyone who’s been following us over the years and especially to everyone who has contributed by sending me links, photos, magazines, scans. I really appreciate it all!

While I’m posting, I’ll be cheeky and ask…

The Magazine Scan Collection
If any of you see articles leading up the new album release or tour date (or any existing articles you have), I’d really appreciate it if you could share them with me so I can post them on here- I love the hard copies but I know that costs money to buy/post them  so scans or even photos are brilliant. There are now over 500 magazines scanned/photographed over my two websites making it the biggest collection of  Anthony Kiedis/RHCP articles online and I’d love to add as many of the new articles coming out as I can and I’d really appreciate your help doing so.

Chronological List   Alphabetical List

Thanks again for your support,


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