Update on Anthony Kiedis

News is coming through (family member & verified source) that Anthony is going to be OK and that no surgery is needed. Sorry there were no other details but that contains the most important information.

Obviously we will update if needed.

We still send Anthony (and his family) our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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5 Responses to Update on Anthony Kiedis

  1. Ellen says:

    Thank goodness!! Just want him to be ok❤️

  2. So glad to hear he is doing better and recovering! Wondering if he had a Diverticulitis attack? That is extreme pain, and would cause him not to be able to perform. Hoping it wasn’t anything serious.

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  4. jackeline vasconcelos says:

    Thank God

  5. Elizabeth Plaza says:

    Anthony hope you get better soon love Always Elizabeth Plaza , Facebook MushroomBlueGoddess ,, Love your Soul

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