More Anthony Kiedis on ET Canada Interview

I don’t think I posted this… Have done the snippet that came out today but I can’t find this- apologies if I have posted it before!

This is another piece of the interview that Anthony Kiedis did for ET Canada. In it he’s talking about the single ‘Dark Necessities’ from the new RHCP album The Getaway.


Anthony Kiedis Discusses “Dark Necessities” [The Getaway]

Anthony Kiedis: So that was the song that was written in the studio with Brian Burton. A lot of the songs we had already and some of them were created spontaneously in the studio with Brian. That was a new one and so, they sent that to me on a CD because I’m old-school like that and I like to go work in my car that has a CD player. And I listened to it and I was pretty immediately stricken with my part in the song which sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t. Sometimes you hear a piece of music that you fall in love with but you have no idea as a vocalist what you’re supposed to do with it. It just doesn’t make sense. The timing is weird, the melodies are weird. With that song I was like I know what to do with the song; I think I know what my part is. And I took that and went to Hawaii and wrote lyrics for it and it just kind of speaks to …the beauty of our dark sides and how much creativity and growth and light actually comes out of those difficult struggles that we have on the insides of our heads that no one else can see. And I knew that song meant a tonne to Brian and that it was one of his favourite musical tracks and I came in and sang it after I got from Hawaii and he was feeling it which made me feel great because sometimes he’s like, ‘That’s not happening. Go back and try again.” But with that one it was working and ahh, umm… the more that song did…  er gestate the better it got until it just became.  That was Brian’s push for a single so our producer, once we realised ‘The Getaway’ wasn’t going to happen, ummm, record company, managers wanted ‘Go Robot’, Brian was like I love ‘Go Robot’ but it’s got to be ‘Dark Necessities’ and he literally went and fought for it with a sword in his hand until he got his way.


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