More from the ET Canada Video Interview

Another snippet has been released from the interview Anthony Kiedis did for ET Canada. Anthony talks about his fashion sense, writing ‘bad’ songs and his son.


Anthony Kiedis Looks To The Past

Interviewer: Do you ever look back on some of the things you’ve done and just think what was I thinking then? Whether it’s fashion or a move you made or a song?
Anthony Kiedis: Moves no. Because even the most ridiculous moves I’m all for them. Sometimes the more absurd and embarrassing the better. Fashion, I’ve had a couple of moments where I do question my sanity and I’ve seen some photo shoots and I was like whoa! Song wise, I don’t even mind writing a bad song or a silly song or a song that I don’t want to play today. It made sense at that moment and if it is a song and we have worked on it, I have love for it.

Voice over: And now he has a batch of new songs to love with the June 17 release of ‘The Getaway.’

Anthony Kiedis: Music still gives me one of the best feelings on earth.
Voice over: Anthony’s son, Everly, seen in this Marc Jacob’s ad seems to have the music bug too.
Anthony Kiedis: He’s learning piano and he’s a natural born vocalist. He likes singing and we like writing songs daily about anything and everything.
Interviewer: Is he a barometer at all for your music?
Anthony Kiedis: Umm… Yeah, there’s only one song he’s not in love with on this record but overall he likes this record better than anything we’ve ever done in the past. And he can sing every lyric on this new record. So when I see him smile and when I see him look at me like ‘You wrote that Dad?!’, it’s a good feeling.

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