Snippet from a Radio X Interview with Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis saved a baby during Carpool Karaoke.

A snippet from an interview with Anthony Kiedis by Chris Moyles for Radio X

You can see the brief extract HERE


Chris Moyles: So obviously everyone has been watching the carpool karaoke you did with James Corden

Anthony Kiedis: We also had a dance off which they didn’t include.

Chris Moyles: Oh, really?

Anthony Kiedis: But we had a glorious dance off; after the wrestle off we had a dance off which led to a very interesting, unscripted moment.

Chris Moyles: Oh I bet.

Anthony Kiedis: We danced off. We tied and we were going to celebrate with some Mexican food on the corner. And a woman came out of the house holding her child. Saying, “My baby. My baby. My baby can’t breathe. My baby’s having a…

Chris Moyles: Are you serious?

Anthony Kiedis: Yes. We all ran across the street. The lady trust her baby into my arms. The baby was not breathing and I thought I’m going to do a little baby CPR real quick to see if I can get some air into this kid. Tried to open the mouth; shut like locked shut. So I started rubbing the belly. Bubbles came out of the mouth; eyes rolled back into place. The ambulance showed up. I handed the baby over and it was now breathing and fine and we went back to carpool karaoke.

Chris Moyles: Are you serious?

Anthony Kiedis: I’m serious.

Chris Moyles: Wow!

Anthony Kiedis: It was kind of a beautiful thing we stopped for the dance off.

Chris Moyles: Otherwise, of course, yeah.

Anthony Kiedis: We were there. The baby needed help, we were there.

Chris Moyles: Look at you! That’s incredible. Superdad

Anthony Kiedis: When you’re a dad and somebody yells my baby, you drag (?) across the street.

Chris Moyle: So you rubbed the tummy…

Anthony Kiedis: Rubbed the tummy and the bubbles came out. Yes. The little baby looked at me the whole time until the ambulance guy came. [Name: Nema?]. Little baby ? I’m gonna knock on the door when I get home.

Chris Moyles: Amazing

Presenter: What a hero

Chris Moyles: What a thing to have done

Anthony Kiedis: No hero. No hero. Just a dance off. It ended with a seizure baby.




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