Catch Up Again!

Real life has been crazy again so playing catch up yet another time! I’m clearing the magazines off my desk first…

The new edition of Classic Rock is running a Q & A session with Anthony Kiedis and Flea:


Scans and transcript HERE

Link to buy current edition and back issues: Classic Rock magazine


A recent review in NME of The Getaway:
Transcript on The Chili Source if anyone is interested!


And there’s a brief mention of RHCP at Rock Werchter with a small photo of AK in Kerrang! (1628)


Full scans & transcript on The Chili Source.

I’ve lost track of what I have/haven’t posted so here are the rest of the 2016 magazine scans we have online: 


June 2016 People Magazine (June 27th) Brief review of ‘The Getaway’

2016 June OOR From The Netherlands. lengthy interview about ‘The Getaway’ (Sorry no translation)

2016 June Kerrang! (1625) Review of ‘The Getaway’

2016 June NME 5 reasons to love  and 5 reasons to hate RHCP… hard to distinguish one side from the other! Read if you need stress relief and want incitement to rip the heads off small fluffy things; otherwise best avoided if you are a CP fan! Another article in the sparkling history of RHCP in NME; they hate the band so much I don’t know why they bother to include them!

2016 June The Sun A lengthy and interesting article; a lot of the info is the same as in the video interviews of this time but it’s good to read it all written down.

2016 June Rolling Stone (1262) Snippet about Dark Necessities

2016 June JPC Courier (Germany) Article about The Getaway

2016 July Bassiste (France) Lengthy interview.

2016 July Batterie (France) Lengthy interview


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