All Good Things…

..Must come to an end as the saying goes. I’m not going to be updating this website with news from 2017 (not that I really am now). There’s a post on The Chili Source explaining it as I can’t face doing it again if anyone is interested but in short I feel pushed out from the RHCP online community and I don’t want to be subjected to the unpleasantness that’s been going on with some of the real fans and watching RHCP ants on a stage at Reading made me wonder what on earth I am doing…  It’s been fun but my heart is no longer in it in the same way and I really don’t want the unpleasantness of receiving some of the messages/comments I have from the band’s accepted fans. I’d rather be able to concentrate on all of the good things and the amazing friends I’ve met through this than be stressed by the unpleasantness that’s been directed my way this year.

I have tickets to a couple of concerts here in England in December and I might post something about those concerts then.  The hosting is paid for until next October (and I’ll probably renew anyway as there is so much work anf effort involved in both of my websites) and leave it as an information site for anyone interested.

Thanks everyone for your support! Peace <3

Rebecca/ Squitherwitch

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9 Responses to All Good Things…

  1. ShaunC says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put in to provide us with information. I for one certainly appreciate it. I’m also sorry to learn that you have been subjected to unpleasant comments from the usual idiots that have nothing better to do with their lives and contribute absolutely zero to the gene pool. Maybe see you at the o2 in December. Take care.

  2. Michael Bull says:

    Hey Rebecca, I think u did a good job too so thank you. Are you on Facebook?

  3. The Poet from Uranus says:

    Rebecca, we learn through experiences, we change, we don’t abandon things. Ask me and the other serial abandoner of things! I mean, I’ll get you out of this. Love you. <3

    • admin says:

      Hahaa I was wondering about that message…. until my brain engaged and I spotted the obvious thing! I am so slow today Mistress of the Certain Planet! Luv you too! It’s been a really hard decision but a lot of peace in it too. Am fed up of the hate mail, etc. that’s been sent my way and I’ve decided there are more important things in life <3

  4. Ilenia says:

    I have much respect for your choice, but the same I’m so sorry …. I wish you well and I will always follow you!
    A big hug to you and to your children,

  5. Cynthia Franklin says:

    Aww no way, but you do a great job with this! 🙁 I understand though, hope you change your mind 😛 Take care xxx

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