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I’ve had a lot of help running this site over the years and I currently have a small group of people who help out with research and information. Some of them were reluctant to end what they’ve been doing and I don’t really want the site to end after all of the work and effort that’s gone into it and I know that many people who visit would like it to remain too so… We’ve been working things out and someone currently involved would like to run the site so it can continue.
Over the Christmas holidays I will tidy things up and news will be posted (although we expect it to go quiet after the end of the UK leg of the tour on Sunday) with the swap-over fully kicking in to coincide with the kick off of the U.S. tour. Sorry I am not going to give out any details of who will be running the site as we think keeping things anonymous is the way forward given what’s been happening this year.

Thank you for all of the messages and support. They have meant so much. I just can’t personally be involved anymore right now. I’ve taken a break and only posted as I said I would for the Birmingham concerts as I was going to them and immediately the issues flared up again. Real life is enough to deal with without anything else and this seems the best option for me at the moment.

Rebecca <3

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  1. Another fan says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    I’ve been a fan of the Chili Peppers since I was 13 or so when the released BSSM. Since then, they have been a true source of inspiration and motivation for me. I’ve grown up with them and they have become part of my life. They mean so much for me to the point that I am sure they’ve influenced the way I am today. I have every single album associated to so many memories that I can see very clearly every time I listen to them. It is amazing and hard to explain with words.

    However, I am not active at all in any online or offline community. I had no idea about all this negative stuff happening with the ‘inner circle fans’ and so on until I read your post some days ago and really shocked me, as I could never have imagined things like those happening, honestly. Being a fan is not a competition, it is not about more or less, better or worse. Having been following them for these many years, reading lots of interviews and getting to know a little bit about how they are, I can affirm those ‘fans’ are millions miles away from what the Chili Peppers want their music to be and influence people. If somebody would judge my ‘fan level’ because of the number of concerts or memorabilia I have from them they’d reach the conclusion I am not a fan at all. Being a fan is not about what you have or what you do but what you feel and this is something cannot be captured in any book or picture.

    I’m sad not only because you have decided to take a break but because people who consider themselves ‘fans’ have made you feel the way you feel today. Your sites are great, I have been following this one for a while and I know the amount of work and dedication that keep’em updated is. Just wanted to say congratulations for all your nicely done work so far, thank you for all these years and also for making sure this site will stay alive. That is a true Chili Pepper spirit. You are a true Chili Pepper ‘fan’.

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