Anthony Kiedis and his Otherside

Anthony Kiedis features in the latest edition of the ‘Our City of Angels’ magazine talking about his otherside.

(I’m pretty sure that this is only available in LA. I am trying to find out details to see if I can get a copy!)

Issue #2 😇

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Anthony Kiedis explores his Otherside in issue #2 of Our City Of Angels

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4 Responses to Anthony Kiedis and his Otherside

  1. He is so wonderful, admirable, talented, handsome and definitely one of a kind. The list goes on but my heart can’take take much more. I am absolutely in love or infatuated with him and have been for a while. I’Lloyd decide which one if I ever get to meet him. I wore a similar necklace to Philadelphia Wells Fargo both shows in Philadelphia. I wished I could have met him up close and personally. Is there anyway to make that happen? I am a lonely girl looking for expressing my love with this fella. Can my dreams come awakenings I mean..ha ha….one can wish…My name is Brooke Liebergott, a 35 year old Philadelphian born and raised…Much love to Mr. Kiedis..WOW!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    David stated on Instagram that copies would be available soon for order on their website.

  3. Valerie says:

    Any news on his recent illness? I know they are canceling San Diego, CO, and AZ. I have tickets to see them on 3/8. I’ve only been waiting about 22 years to see them live, lol. Hope he’s feeling better and they can make it happen.

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