Removal of Photos

I’ve reluctantly had to remove most of the photo galleries and will be removing lots more photos as soon as I can following a massive fine that I’ve been issued for the use of one photo in 2011 on my other website. I’m trying to fight it but reading about it online it seems I will have to pay up (£460) and as I make no money from these websites, I really can’t afford to be fined again (not that I can afford this one) and it seems to be big business right now especially by some of the large photo companies who then things onto pass the photos onto collection agencies. My photos will stay and those of fans which I’ve been allowed to use but I can’t take the risk of anything else and as I don’t have time to check things, it’s easier to remove them all. The other option is that the whole website goes and right now, on top of everything else, maybe that’s the only option but I don’t want to do that…

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4 Responses to Removal of Photos

  1. Lincoln says:

    I’ll send you mine when I get home from work. Thank you VERY MUCH for this site, I absolutely love it. Wish I could flip you some cash to help you pay the fines, but I live week to week.

  2. Goat says:

    Can’t you claim that it’s fair use, since you’re clearly not making any money out of it?

    • admin says:

      I have and I’ve also stated there are no copyright logos or license terms on the photo. I’m going to fight this as much as I can. I will also challenge the amount if it gets to that point as it’s a stupid amount of money for one photo of AK on stage- it’s a normal photo and nothing unusual in anyway-I’ve got loads of my own that are the same sort of thing (that have never made a penny let alone hundreds).

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