Anthony Kiedis 2017 Milano

Date: 21st July, 2017

Location: Milano Summer Festival, Milan, Italy



Photo: Henrik Lewandowski

01. Around the World
02. Snow
03. Otherside
04. Dark Necessities
05. Hey
06. Fire
07. Go Robot
08. Californication
09. Charlie
10. Sick Love
11. Don’t Forget Me
12. Suck My Kiss
13. I Could Have Lied
14. By the Way


15. Goodbye Angels
16. Give It Away


Photo: Henrik Lewandowski


Photo: Simona Morisi

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One Response to Anthony Kiedis 2017 Milano

  1. Marga van Os says:

    I wonder wat was going on with RHCP that night. They normaly are looking happy. And that night they looked worried. No jokes in between the songs.
    And i already know this show from last year in Amsterdam. Offcourse the music was nice as always. It was their behaviour that was different….. I went specially to Milano for this concert all the way from Holland.

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