Anthony Kiedis 2017 Paris

Date: 23rd July, 2017

Location: Lollapalooza, Paris, France.

Set List:


Photo credit: Henrik Lewandowski

01 Can’t Stop
02 Dani California
03 The Zephyr Song
04 Dark Necessities
05 The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
06 Me & My Friends (with ‘I wanna Be Your Dog’ before it)
07 Go Robot
08 Californication
09 Tell Me Baby
Josh: Wicked Game – Chris Isaak
10 The Getaway
11 Higher Ground
12 Soul To Squeeze
13 By The Way

14 Goodbye Angels
15 Give It Away


Photo credit: Henrik Lewandowski

Many thanks to Henrik once again for the live updates and especially tonight for battling on through all of the internet connection issues.

There was supposed to be a live stream of tonight’s concert but it was only available in France. About twenty minutes of the concert:

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